the commensal story of WWII

Henry Dawson's proposed commensal use for Penicillin, it use for both 4Fs and1As was in stark contrast, in every possible way, to the strictly limited "military" uses Howard Florey and Alexander Fleming proposed for the new miracle drug.

His ideas cut no ice in 1940 (and for years there after) but gradually, by about 1943, the general Allied population - and even some of its elites - began to see the dire moral consequences of being simply a muted "me-too" to the Nazi exalting of the strong over the weak.

Weaponized penicillin's fall from grace was but one of many falls that reductionist modernity's notions of Bigger is Better and Might is Right took during WWII , as things continuously failed to unfold as the best scientific minds had expected....

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