Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Major climate denial group says global warming is a JEWISH conspiracy

The Australian-based Galileo Movement is one of the world's biggest climate change denier groups , with a list of scientific advisors that reads like an international Who's Who of the world's best known climate deniers.

Galileo's  managing director Malcolm Roberts recently told Ben Cubby of Australia's leading newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald , that climate change science has been captured by "some of the major banking families of the world" who form a "tight-knit cabal".

Dog Whistling to call all the old school Holocaust deniers to join the new climate denier movement

In Australia they call terms like that "dog whistle words" because you have to have the mind of a paranoid and the ears of a dog to sense their real meaning.

But I think most of the world already knows these particularly shopworn dog whistle words already.

We haven't watched a lifetime of war movies set in Nazi Germany for nothing.

This was Nazi code too - and also code words for many of their anti-semetic fellow travellers all over the world.

The Zion Protocols - a fake book - supposedly laid it all out : a Jewish banker plot to take over the world.

We all wondered when the professional deniers of climate change would smear this red herring all over the trail : now we know .....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Beltway higher food price DENIERS face angry housewives : Tumbrils to follow

Can you see global warming and global climate change with your own naked eyeballs ?

Most of us can't.

 Oh yes, we can sometimes see with our own eyes some short term extreme weather events in our own local community.

The databases don't lie : its global warming

But ultimately we rely upon the public databases of thousands of observers all over the world and going back 50 years or longer which clearly show the overall global trend, as the reason we believe in global warming.

However when the global impact of extreme weather events all over the world (droughts AND floods) affect the food prices at our local supermarket, we can definitely see and experience global warming as manifest in rising food prices.

My advice to the libertarian think tank bureaucrats - every last one a man ( its the law) :

 Continue to deny climate change at your peril to your necks.

(Cue: roll 'em tumbrils !)

Ignoring rising food prices kills more males than drinking or driving : angry housewife alert !

I was door-to-door campaigning in the UK (Wandsworth) in the early Spring of 1970.

I heard lots and lots and lots of housewives, all strong Labor supporters, moaning about rising food prices.

 But I totally failed to read the signals correctly.

I was a male - and I wasn't alone in my failure.

A few months later, in June , those same Labor housewives rebelled - failed to vote or voted Tory.

 Wilson's 100% certain re-election prospects were instantly deader than dead.

If only he had listened to his wife, instead of  the think tankers of his day......

new HORROR : Rip Van Winkle awakes and PASSES 2012 high school science exam with flying colours

Rip Van Winkle awakes from long sleep and wins big science scholarship to famous university

There is absolutely nothing in most 21st century high school physical science courses that the average smart lad or gal from the Victorian Era couldn't pass with flying colours.

And that curriculum is killing our planet.

One hundred and twenty five years of science - all the new science discoveries since the 1890s - the science we need to save this planet - has been deliberately ignored in the world of popular education.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

grampa's SUNNY science vs today's GRIM realities

Grampa's science is still judged only one safe enough for kids

If you want to build the world's longest, straightest, airport runway all you need to succeed , on time and under budget, is still just GRAMPA's SCIENCE.

The science from back before the 1890s , the kind of science 21st century high school administrators still think is the only one safe enough to teach children.

Good old, solid, commonsensical, white protestant ANGLO SAXON science : the Holy Trinity of Newton, Dalton and Darwin.

Profs who can, PEER-REVIEW ; those who can't , THINK TANK : revenge of the second raters !

If the climate denial scam succeeds, the "second rate" , not the Meek, will inherit the Earth --- or what will be left of it

Think of today's thousands of advocacy think tanks as a "pollution by-product", cast off by the rapid expansion of the world's universities in the 1970s.


Let us not be unkind : libertarian bureaucrats NEED the "climate denial scam" to secure their pensions

We earthlings need, on the other hand, to reduce our carbon output NOW and in fact we also need urgently find ways to put much of what carbon we already have into green trees and out of our atmosphere.

So we need to end the Climate Denial Scam - NOW.

But we can't let the tankers starve and face it, as second-raters they're too inept to find real work.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Erroneous common sense vs nonsensical Reality : Sciences, solid vs quantum


Modernists such as think tank climate deniers pride themselves on their side's "solid science" , their "common sense" science developed from that reliably Anglo Saxon trio of Newton, Dalton & Darwin .

They dismiss the other side's (quantum-based) science as "nonsensical".

On both counts they are correct but unfortunately, also in error.

Russian oil barons: Commie Red on the outside, Republican Red on the inside

The Red-Red Terror

Russian oil barons, secretly denying climate change because it threatens their profits are only Commie Red on the outside --- inside they are as Republican Red as any mid-western state GOP lifer.

Ironic isn't it that those former supposed enemies-to-the-death, the American libertarian think tank bureaucrats and the Communist oil barons of Russia, are actually more united than anyone else in world in denying the reality of climate change ?

climate denial scam : COMMUNIST oil barons secretly funding LIBERTARIAN think tank bureaucrats ?

Russia economy has by far the most to lose if world rejects CLIMATE DENIAL ...

Because fatcat think tank bureaucrats only want others, never themselves, to display  "transparency in governance" , we will never know the true originators of all the money laundered into the libertarian think tanks that most stridently deny climate change.

But whether via tax-free Cayman Islands or secret Swiss bank accounts, money can weave a long, hidden, trail between the first giver and the last spender.

But no economy in the world would be as heavily hit - with dire, perhaps fatal, consequences for its rulers - than Russia if the world reduces hydrocarbon use.

Friday, July 27, 2012

denier think tank BUREAUCRATS & billionaires: who is the con artist and who 'the mark' ?

billionaires bribing think tank bureaucrats or tanker bureaucrats scamming billionaires ?

Most denier fighters hint (libel alert) that it is billionaires that have led the battle over climate denial .

Via their family foundations or the big corporations they control, these rich guys have supposedly discreetly 'bribed' libertarian advocacy think tank bureaucrats to work up credible denial efforts.

All to combat current attacks by government and environmentalists on the products that have made these billionaires wealthy.

if BERLIN WALL still existed, would DENIER INDUSTRY exist ?

climate denial is a SCAM by unscrupulous think tank BUREAUCRATS to con money from naive Corporate executives

When first the Berlin Wall and then the Kremlin went tumbling down, the communist bureaucrats inside were not half as terrified as were their exact bureaucratic counterparts in the free world's thousands of COLD WAR think tanks.

FACT : 97% (note the neat symmetry with you know what) of the world's strident advocacy libertarian think tanks were created between 1945 and 1992 , IE during the Cold War.

They got their money from gullible government politicians, paranoid billionaires and big corporations executives by always seeing ever new reds under ever new beds.

Tankin' Globalcide : how to get a lifelong sinecure lying about the climate

In this recession the only industry growing new jobs are the lying, denying think tanks ... 

                  10 rules for success :

1. Do NOT take a single physical science course in university.

2. Get a BA (bare pass grade) in economics or political science and call education a day - it makes your head hurt.

denier THINK TANKS face specter of "The Dirty Teens" & the neo Dust Bowl

Deniers face a drought of new lies to combat the dry truth

Libertarian think tanks have cancelled all leave and put all hands on deck to fight off the worse specter the DENIER INDUSTRY  ("Doubt is Good - good for our paycheques anyway") has yet had to face.

The Denier heartland, now as it was from September 1939 to December 1941, is the American Mid-West.

And the Mid-West is on fire, facing the biggest, deepest drought since "The Dirty Thirties" and the Dust Bowl.

Denier supporters are starting to wonder, sotto voce, whether there really is something to this Global Warming that all their secular church fathers warned them against.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

dear think tanks : I will DENY Higgs Particle for cash - no marked bills please ....

Political science BAs are like old school nuclear physicists , we think we can talk about everything like an expert

Why not ?

If Marc Morano is qualified to be an expert on climate change, than so am I on the Higgs particle.

Like Marc, I have a BA in political science, hold strong opinions and am at times very partisan.

Blogger LUX EX UMBRA embarrasses CSE and mainstream media : a lesson for denier-fighters

Bill points 'the way ahead' for denier-fighters

Rarely does Reality confirm Theory as quickly as it did for me between yesterday evening and this morning !

This morning Bill Robinson (and his blog LUX EX UMBRA) is the toast of the Canadian blog-o-sphere and he is being quoted in all of the Canadian media thanks to Canadian Press's Jim Bronskill.

But, he did not do it by fighting another blogger on the other side of Bill's position of greater transparency in governance.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

denier BLOGS ; read 'em, but don't write about 'em : focus on THINK TANK deniers

We are handing deniers a winning narrative - how can we be so dense ?

I love to read the blogs of the denier-fighters in the morning, none more so than Mike at Watching the Deniers, a denier-fighter from down under in Van Denier's Land  .

He's an ordinary guy like me, with a day job and all, trying to find out the time to peck out his assaults on the deniers and offer his support for the climate believers.

And I try and find time occasionally, very occasionally, to read the blogs of the deniers.

But I don't ever - EVER - write about the denier bloggers.

He does - I don't.  Mike & Mike : yes, we disagree.

Area 51 Alert : 97% of ice MELTING ; 97% of scientists VOTE agreement

the 97 % solution ....

It was like something out of Roswell New Mexico's Area 51.

 Or  A. "nasty" Abbott's worst nightmare.

An unlikely but true coincidence ----- or is it, boys and girls ?

Space photos showing 97 % of Greenland's ice cap melting at the same time that 97 % of the world's climate scientists have voted that the whole Earth is getting hot.

97 Percent - wow !

Like that is three times the vote that Stephen Harper got when he was elected absolute - majority government - dictator of Canada for 5 years to life, with time off to Canadians for good behavior.

Denier, denier : heartland on fire : Romney's heartland burns while Greenland threatens to , well , become a GREEN land

This week it was announced that Greenland's icecape is melting like the bejesus.

That continent-sized island may soon be green in appearance, as well as in name.

The amount of water sitting on top of it , if it leaps into the water and melts will do two things very quickly : raise ocean water levels worldwide and leave a huge hunk of land that now absorbs sunlight rather than reflect it.

This land warming will couple to the atmosphere instantly and will greatly strengthen our weather's energy reserves --- our deadly weather bombs will move from the A-bomb to the H-bomb variety.

I may soon have to move inland and upcountry quicker than I had expected.

Sea levels don't need to rise much higher before where I live (coastal Nova Scotia) will only houses lobsters and clams, rather than earthlings and SkyGods.

I don't know what The SkyGods Of The Universe, perched in their eeries, high up in the glass and concrete towers of Wall Street and Threadneedle Street, are making of all this.

That is assuming that these latter-day Harry Limes even care what is happening to the "dots" (earthlings), way down at sea level aka ground zero.

I am sure that their astro-turfing think tankers don't care.

I gather most deniers  - at least in America and probably in Australia as well - don't live by the coast but in the high interior.

Republicans and Australia's Libertarian party both speak of the outback as their heartland for voters.

So today Libertarians and Republicans will continue to deny that the world is getting hotter, from among the hottest hellholes on earth - while watching their crops fry......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KUSI-TV to S FRED SINGER : do you think the climate changes, when moving from Earth to HELL ?

This is a question that KUSI-TV will probably never have the guts to ask.

Which is a real pity.

Because that is about the only climate change question that quasi independent/ think tanker /senior citizen S Fred Singer will ever be fully qualified to answer......

(And don't forget to cast your guess on the S Fred Singer deathwatch, below)

new POLL : 70% of Aussies dislike "The Nasty" abbott : Drought in USA hits deniers in the gonads

Romney-the-denier's election hopes wilt in republican mid-west drought

I bring you good news, fellow bloggers, albeit perversely good news.

New evidence is emerging (er, re-emerging) that since more CO2 inevitably comes with more heat, global warming beyond what we already have will not be good news for our main calorie-producing crops like corn and soybean.

Deniers read up, carefully : yep, global warming will NOT be good for the corn and soybean crops of the Republican-Libertarian-Denier heartland of the American Mid-West.

why earthlings should leave Think Tanks to the libertarian SkyGods

Helping others murder our planet - with our own tax dollars !

For every one dollar in annual income that earthling oriented (aka green,steady state, perhaps a few of the left) think tanks have, the SkyGod libertarians have $1000.

There are about 10,000 think tanks world wide and most of the ones we could even begin to call earthling (and Earth) friendly are small in income, small in numbers, in uncertain health or already effectively moribund.

The vast number that are both very rich and very active in their strident advocacy are the libertarian denier tankers.

We earthlings only add our considerable credibility ( precious and scarce) to the alleged legitimacy of the thousands of denier tanks by supporting the idea of think tanks in general.

If instead, we steered totally clear of them - instead of trying to feebly compete within their world - we could then strongly denounce them and all of their works as that of the Devil.

This is because all advocacy think tanks are but a money laundering scheme.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beltway, Whitehall, the Hill, the Triangle : home of the DENIER think tanks

Their air-brushed world of magical thinking

Every national capitol soon develops a widely use nickname for its tight little world of national politicians with their staffers and bureaucrats,  married up to lobbyists and think tankers and topped off by the capitol's political journalist elite.

In Washington they call it working "within" The Beltway, in London it is known as being "within" in the corridors of  Whitehall.

Lesser known, Ottawa has its political elite centred "on" The Hill and in Canberra the elite is found "within" The Triangle.

dear DONNA LAFRAMBOISE , if you are going to play 'little david' at least do it right

Dear Donna :

I feel that since you and I are in the same 'game' and because I am so much older than you, perhaps I might be permitted to offer you some fatherly advice.

If you are going to play at being little david to the great big bad Goliath (in this case, of the IPCC) at least try to do it right.

I too claim to be a solo blogger, albeit on the other side of the climate change debate.

But I have a real job, totally unconnected to my passion about climate change, that supports me and my passion modestly (my annual income is about $8,000) .

I do not accept any financial support, I do not copyright my climate change writings and I wouldn't cross promote my other money making ventures on my climate blog, even if I had any commercial ventures to promote.

My passion is entirely my own, not paid by others and not a loss leader cum CV/RESUME to promote my other money-making ventures.

I am a genuinely low income blogger from a genuine backwater , Nova Scotia, thousands of kilometres from the well-funded Libertarian-denier think tanks of Washington or London --- and so when I rail against them, I do so credibly.

But you, Donna : you are just astro-turf .......

Being LIONIZED sure beats having to WORK for a living doesn't it ?

Just think "tankers" and you understand the scam....

One minute you're an under-employed Canadian nobody, the next minute you are much feted denier-author, plucked from obscurity to burn lots and lots of greenhouse gases promoting your new book in far off Australia.

Some cynics might think it is because you have taken up a profitable (but definitely minority) opinion to espouse.

But they would be wrong , wrong , wrong.

It is in fact precisely because you are publicly regarded as a nobody, that you have become so lionized.

You have just been (profitably)  "astro-turfed" .

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why the fighters of Climate Denial are sometimes their own worst enemy

No politician sets themself up as Goliath and their opponent as David, but scientists *ALWAYS* do

If we are ever to defeat the evil forces of Climate Denial, we need to take a page out of their book and keep our Boffins "on tap, not on top".

Nice guys, but no political smarts.

'Tankers' have the money , bloggers have the brains

Asymmetrical journalism : bloggers besting 'tankers'

A red broadband and three cords , located somewhere in a bedroom in the hinterland backwaters , may not seem equal to all the corporate firepower concentrated in the Think Tank phalanxes of  Washington, London, Canberra and Ottawa.

But didn't Mr Bono also evoke having "The Truth" in his definition of asymmetrical "punk" journalism ?

I am sure he did.

The battle ground is Climate Change, the stakes (a big cliche, but still true) "The Fate of the Earth" .

Greens lead in Melbourne by-election because Australian socialists are to the right of Canada's Stephen Harper

Socialists unite with Libertarians to defeat Greens, again

Australia's PM Julia Gillard is from the Labor Party  (Labor = NDP in Canadian terms, supposedly) and she is opposed to gay marriage.

So she says, in public. Has to say in public (or get slaughtered by enough of the voters to render her party practically seatless).

In a state-level by-election today in inner city Melbourne, the Greens lead the pack at 38% - winning the seat in Canadian FPP terms.

But in Australia, it is proportional voting and so the Green candidate will lose on second round preferences.

DeSmogBlog : "the blog as a think tank or the think tank as a blog ?", worries CATO from KANSAS

Packaging Passion can take a dozen forms

Look, way up, up in the ether: is it a bird, a plane, a blog, a virtual think tank , a dog ?

A dog ?

How would you ever know who is or isn't a dog on the Internet?

Who is or isn't a blog or a virtual think tank on the Internet?

Friday, July 20, 2012

PhDs who can, teach ; PhDs who can't, 'TANK' in Washington, the original 'tank town'

There is new hope for all those kids who got a pass-level PhD but can't find work at a real university: they can find work at the ever growing number of 'tanks' that fill the Washington Beltway and cluster around every national political capital world wide.

(Before 1941, many reporters from bigger cities used to regard Washington DC as a 'tank town' : in many ways, it still is.)

If Libertarian Governments continue to cut science research and universities grow ever smaller as a result , soon there will be more people with PhDs working in the think tanks than at universities.

the "TANKER" party : 'tank' in academia, become a Republican and work in a think tank....

Thanks to the supposedly proven success of Big Science in winning the war , (government-funded) university research worldwide expanded so greatly after 1945 that tough peer-review became de rigueur for young Republican academics seeking to get into the best regarded science journals.

There was also much more competition from other young ambitious non-Republican researchers at your own university as well.

Thanks in part to programs like the various GI Bills around the world, suddenly university educations were not just for white Protestant native poor sons of the well off.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

rise of THINK TANKs closely followed rise of rigorous PEER-REVIEW

Junk Science is the Think Tank's raison d'etre

If you got away with JUNK SCIENCE before 1945 - and many academics did because rigorous peer-review before publication was not actually all that common back then - increasingly you couldn't so after 1945.

Second rate and lazy scientists and academics who couldn't cut the mustard, cut classes - bailed out of academic life after they had established a few credentials and swam - like rats - to the rising ships of the anti-peer-review-oriented think tanks.

"Wrong said Fred" : how two guys named Fred killed more people than Hitler

Soon to be a blockbuster movie --- or a few more years off ?

I have said before, "just what is it about the sight of smoke that makes certain rigid personality types go so absolutely snakey ?"

(You know : all those serial deniers of Holocaust smoke, acid rain, cigarette smoke, ozone holes, global warming ,industrial pollution, on and on and on.)

I have to come think that it is because, in even in their cases where they have spent a lifetime successfully and rigidly throttled all conscious thought of their individual guilt, smoke is "sin made all too visible".

Ie, it functions as a kind of  industrial stigmata , that severely threatens their normally secure sense of selfness in ways they can't handle - so they lash out in all directions.....

The WICKED Rev Whewell and how the denier Skygods might just be doing us Earthlings a big favour

Breaking Up : for the Sake of the (human) Family...

"Boring" alert : I have been doing some heavy thinking. 

(The result of reading (via the ever-alert Mike at Watching the Deniers) of Graham Readfearn's account of how the deniers will soon be taking over Australia's government and education, from top to bottom.)

Yep,the deniers are breaking up Science: dividing it up into their science and our science.

And yet, in a strange sort of way, that is exactly as it should be - and as it as it should always have been.

The fact that it not, can be laid at the feet of that versatile, if wicked, polymath the Reverend William Whewell.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modernity's star turn was impoverished Prussia ,not Manhattan's skyscrapers

Historical consensus to the contrary, America, Russia, Canada, China, Brazil, Australia were never full members of Modernity.

At best, they could only be hybrid members.

Modernity and the Enlightenment Project was premised upon Man's mind triumphing over matter ---- more importantly, "lack of matter".

Mind hardly gets a fair workout in vast lands rich in natural resources and with relatively small populations.

In America, it seemed you only had to trace a line in the Ohio soil and up would come corn and pigs.

By contrast, Germany  (Prussia really) and Japan - Germany in particular before WWII and Japan in the 1970s to 1990s - were small, natural resource poor, lands with large hungry populations and no vast overseas colonies ----- unlike the equally small British and French homelands.

Their initial triumph was a tribute to the power of Modernity's thesis.

Their subsequent failure, equally, marked its absolute failure....

CATO vs CASSE : skygod vs earthling , battling thinktanks

Duelling think tanks, on a flatlining planet....

The CATO Institute, spawner of the denier movement and of all mean things Koch-able, is a powerhouse in the think tank business worldwide.

(And man oh man is it ever a business.

 In most think tanks it provides steady, pensionable, profitable employment for wannabe academics who can't get tenure or peer-reviewed publication. A first rate sort of home for the second rate sort of thinker....)

And I can't think of an organization more worthy of being called the skygod of all skygods - the denier of deniers on all the biological and material limits that humanity must face up to and deal with.

By contrast,Brian Czech's  CASSE ,  the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy ,is virtually unknown outside a relatively small circle of friends and supporters ( albeit friends like David Suzuki and Herman Daly !)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The STEADY Party : re-birthing the Greens under a new banner

Greens, yes, but by an accident of history....

The Greens had no idea how vacuous  the term GREEN would become when they set about naming their various parties all those years ago.

Andrew Loog Oldham Svengali to Christine Milne ? Would you let your daughter marry a GREEN ?!

For once, don't blame  Fleet Street : it was they what got took !

To this day, most people think it was a British Tabloid editor at something like the Daily Mail (or worse) who first blared out the screaming 1965 headline, "would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone ?"

If was this headline, reproduced worldwide and then forever after, that most people agreed "made" the Rolling Stones.

Actually, the original tagline was from a series of ads ran by the canny manager of the Stones, youngster Andrew Loog Oldham, in a few music weeklies --- and only later picked up and improved upon by Fleet Street heavies.

Aussie papers ask "Would you let your daughter marry a Green - they drink the blood of children you know"

"Earned Media", by the tonne, for Aussie greens

If a political party sells its soul to the rich and greedy, it can afford to obtain lots of "paid media" , by buying newspaper ads.

If the newspapers talk about your party without you paying for it, then it is called "earned media" .

Normally Green parties worldwide can't get either form of media.

But not for the Australia Greens for last few weeks - or for a few weeks more apparently.

Australia's top paper makes it official : Greens now a major threat to traditional parties

GREENS replace Liberals as Aussie Labour's bete noire

The Sydney Morning Herald - "Big Thunder" - says that the Labour Party is taking a big risk by its very public declaration of war against the greens rather than against its traditional opponent , the libertarian-oriented Liberals.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is anything LEFT ? What is RIGHT ? Death spiral of traditional politics

Political Parties deathwatch

The only thing dying faster than paid newspapers and TV news is the political party.

Membership is down badly - even worse than voter turnout.

Above all, the greying memberships' spirit is gone - they haven't got enough energy left to get angry or to get happy.

Human Exceptionalists versus CASSE is the new "ballot question" in all future elections

Denying limits is the Kool Aid of Denial

Denying that humans must face the same biological and material restraints as all other lifeforms , is the hallmark of the climate denier and of the libertarian.

They call it "human exceptionalism" - extending to all humans the virtue they once thought only belonged to Americans.

human exceptionalism : the GAULEITERS of GREED

The Rape of the Earth

Chuck it, W J Smith !

As Chesterton said of the anti-christs of the Bar a long, long time ago, its not about the souls of christian peoples, its all about the fees.


Worldwide re-alignment of parties and voters underway

Successful parties with no membership to speak of.

Many of today's most successful parties - like the Australian Labour Party -  are a mile wide and an inch deep.

This party is but a house of cards - many of its branches have almost no members but still collectively elect a Labour member, as they have unbrokenly for over a hundred years.

Read Rodney Cavalier's POWER CRISIS  read it , and if you are still part of the same-old-same-old left wing (why?) ---- weep.

Deniers can turn - on a dime - the case of SOLON LOW

Mormons vs Jews

Solon Low was the long time leader of Canada's Social Credit Party --- by far the most successful branch of that party in the world.

He and the bulk of the party came from Alberta - whose dominant leaven of immigrants (in the Hartzian sense of the word) were American libertarians and Mormons.

So Alberta was born redneck and if anything, has mellowed in recent years.

Low and his party were successful by appealing to the deniers of their day ; those who denied that Jews were widely discriminated against.

As newspaper readers "stroke-out", the media will also push up daisies

TV news and paid Newspapers to "stroke-out" as audience dies ?

The median age of the viewer of Fox News is white and male, yes yes, but he is also 65. Yep : Sixty-Five.

Don't blame Fox execs for forcing climate denial upon their hapless victim cum viewers : they are merely serving their unique slice of the human demographics what they want to hear.

The One Percent's solution : the ultimate 'gated community' is the billionaires' spaceship

Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' best-selling series entitled LEFT BEHIND is a fascinating read.

It details how a secretive group of  avowedly secular-minded billionaires from the Silicon Valley 'pretend' to fund a project to mine asteroids.

Actually it is all to help terraform Mars into Earth 2.0 when our planet, the original Earth 1.0 , finally flatlines.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

the only war that Climate Skeptics ever lost was WWII (and we have the SF books to prove it !)

People who like to contrast the big finned car culture of the Fifties with the counterculture hippie dropouts of the Sixties must remember a lot different 1950s that I do.

In the bright daylight, we sure were an optimistic bunch of baby boomers, I'll grant you that.

But at night, before the glowing screen ?

Totally dif.

It was all about invading body snatchers and slimy Blobs and radioactive mutant ants eating New York.

1%'s newspapers leave century's biggest news story to the 99%'s blogosphere

And that is 100% alright by me !

No one ever went broke, underestimating the intelligence of a newspaper owner...

If the newspapers, owned by the same rich 1% whose other corporate investments are causing destructive climate change, choose to deliberate ignore the century's biggest news story, they will just dig their own graves a little faster than they already are.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Before 1989 : RED tape impedes Greed. After 1989 : GREEN tape impedes Greed.

Grandpa, what was "RED-tape" ?

Remember yesterday's truths, the good old verities of life divided into left and right?

RED-tapes under the bed ; better dead than RED-tape ?

"I smoked a few Jews but I never got Cancer or caused Global Warming" : Serial Denial

Deny, Deny, Deny

Just what is it about the sight of smoke rising in the air that makes some people want to totally deny it (right in front of many people who have also witnessed the same smoke) and why do they think they can get away with it ?

Earthlings is not a doc I could watch - but you should

While we are on the subject of books or movies I did not name skygods vs earthlings after, I did not name it after the doc Earthlings.

the winged gospel of Pan Am's Skygods

Hubris, unlike fossil fuel, will never be in short supply

I did not name skygods vs earthlings after Robert Gandt's book  Skygods : the Fall of Pan Am, but rather after the sentiments expressed by professor Joseph Corn in his great, underrated, book "The Winged Gospel : America's Romance with Aviation".

"Common Sense Revolution" gets lost in "The Deniers' Triangle"

Common (NON) Sense

New Right deniers put a lot of faith in common sense against all "this quantum, whatever, nonsense they teach these days in university science".

This is why the New Right like to call their take on governance, "The Common Sense Revolution" .

Unfortunately for the rest of us, common sense is too often wrong about the ultimate, the real, reality - not the reality we would wish it to be, but Reality as it really is.

greetings to the OLD brunettes : Mick Jagger and Bob Brown

This day in history fifty and forty years ago was a time of reflection and re-assessment, after episodes of minor success for both the Rolling Stones and for the Tasmanian proto-Green party.

1789 French Revolution, 1917 Russian Revolution, 1972 Tasmanian Revolution (!!)

the Greens' revolution

In yesterday's post, I noted the neat 100 year interval between the French revolution of 1789, the Second Socialist International of 1889 and the rapid rise of the Greens' issues following the fall of Communism in 1989.

Today let us look at the geographic spread of these three revolutions.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

GREEN, hopefully not around the ears ...

renewing my GREEN card

Well, I renewed my membership in Canada's (national)  Green Party.

Once extremely active nationally and provincially: organizer, candidate, donor, you name it , today I limit myself to voting and attending rallies, maybe putting up an election sign and offering a small donation.

I guess the reasons for my withdrawal match the reasons why I started up this blog ; they occurred at the same time and for the same reasons.

Blogosphere OWNS climate change debate: bad news if you own newspaper shares

Newspaper shares worth almost as much as RIM shares

The new global divide is over the Globe itself, over climate change in particular.

And unlike the tired old left versus right divide, it is largely being fought over on the blog-o-sphere, not in the mainstream media.

This is bad news if you are still part of the left and right wing or if you own newspaper shares.

Are Moslems the LAST modernists ?

Any professor who won tenure by arguing that in our post-1989 world, the new global divide was "moslem fundamentalism versus western modernity" should be hurled to their deaths off the top of the Burj Khalifa or the Petronas Twin Towers , along with the tenure committee members daft enough to buy this argument.

The tallest, most modernist, structures in the 21st century world - marvels of 19th to 20th century engineering technology - are being built by moslems.

In fact, one can argue ( well I will argue) that the only unreservedly modern modernists left in the world are moslems, chinese communists and the residents of Kansas.

The revolutions of 1789,1889 and 1989 : coincidences ?

100 year LIFE cycle ?

The rise of first the Radical (Liberal) parties, then the Socialist parties and finally the Green parties in 100 year increments may just be a coincidence ---- or it might tie into a theory that historians of science have long had.

Historians of science have long noted the very long time period powerful personalities in science can have to be dominant in their field.

Why the rise of the DENIERS is the best news for GREENs in 40 years

Soul Mates

If you are a physical scientist - or think like a physical scientist - the unexpected rise of the number of passionate climate change Deniers has to seem both a disappointment and a nightmare.

You had assumed that if only the world had sufficient evidence of human-caused global warming, then all nations would respond rationally and quickly move to change their behavior, if only out of selfish interest in their own survival.

But, seemingly, the more scientific evidence that is released, the more Deniers that have emerged out of the woodwork - each new one more angrier than the others, as if emboldened by the signs they are not alone but rather representative of a silent (slight) majority.

But if you are a more politically minded Climate Change believer,
(we'll call you a Green, for sake of argument) the rise of the Deniers is the best news your rag tag movement has had since it was formed in the 1970s, almost 40 years ago.

Because to you, the Deniers are almost (almost) soul mates.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Living in our new POST-Copernicus world

Copernicus's "Revolution" was not unlike Stalin's in impact

peter ward's RARE EARTH
We are frequently told we live in a Copernicus World, contrasting it with the pre-Copernicus world, when humans still thought the Universe revolved around the Earth.

Pause a moment, for a snicker of scorn at our poor dumb ancestors.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Carbon Ate My Homework 2 : Aussie grave robbers

The Nasty 'Abbott

Last week it was Brumby's the bakers who were after stealing bread - from their customers.

And then blaming it on the new Australian carbon tax.

The head of the company resigned, after that PR disaster.

The person who really should have resigned is Libertarian Party leader Tony  "the Nasty"  'Abbott, the reputed Prime Minister in waiting, who has been smearing mistruths about the carbon tax's effect on prices from morning to dusk.

Monday, July 9, 2012

the contested CLIMATES of post-hegemonic Modernity

Post-1945's competing, parallel, Hegemonies

The events of late summer and fall of 1945 gave quite a shock to Modernity - the underlying hegemonic worldview that lay behind ALL the competing ideologies of the war.

Modernity took quite a kicking - but kept on ticking, at least nominally.

The division, traditional since 1889, between the Left and the Right, hung on until after its 100th birthday in 1989, after which it refused any nourishment and died.

But all along and underneath, glacially slow but steady changes had been occurring along a broad front.

the Seventy Five Year reversal

In 1937, I think it would be fair to say that in America at least, most regarded the worst universities and the worst professors as being against Modernity while the best universities and best professors were regarded as being strongly for it.

By 2012, 75 years later, it is widely regarded that the reverse is true.

Our best universities are post modernist and even anti modernist - particularly in their basic science and humanities departments.

By contrast, Modernity survives in the run-of-the-diploma-mill type universities out in the more isolated parts of middle and southern America, particularly among the applied sciences.

Where ever Protestant fundamentalism and evangelicalism of the oldest sort flourishes, so does Modernist Science.

Bryant would be Amazed

William Jennings Bryant would be amazed - as should all students of the inexplicable.

But in fact 1875 marked both the decline, as well as the beginnings, of public Scientism based on the self-confident science of Newton, Dalton and Darwin.

Discoveries in the most basic sciences were starting to undermine  faith - but only among the most free-thinking -  in the certitudes of Newtonian Scientism --- at least among among basic scientists in the universities.

But Newtonian Scientism, if losing ground inside the Beltway of peer-reviewed science, was gaining far more ground in the non-peer-reviewed world of popular science, outside in the greater world.

Scientism had many - genuine - successes

Newtonian and Daltonian science was fuelling the tremendous successes of technology and engineering and invention between about 1865 to 1945 - a tremendous 80 year run.

 Particularly in those truly awesome years between 1872 and 1912.

These successes made the world we still live in today ; a world vastly different, overnight, from the relatively unchanged world humanity had lived for tens of thousands of years.

Our world in the 100 years since the end of Scientism's most powerful surge of creativity and productivity has seen only incremental improvements - and yes I include the Internet in that.

So Modernity and Scientism has reasons to be cocky --- but as usual, Hubris is a very hard genie to put back into the bottle once taken out for a stroll.

Scientism's biggest failure : WWII

Its efforts to extend these real successes into all areas of human activity produced ultimately the horrors of World War II and beyond.

But that lay in the future. For now, it reigned secure in politics, business and economics, the military, among the media, among the applied sciences in physical sciences and social sciences.

It was very strong among socialists and all people who thought themselves progressives (of all stripes) and in the art world and among the avant garde.

Its biggest opponents were a very large but relatively powerless group of religiously-minded people : catholic priests united with rural protestant preachers and the orthodox of all world faiths.

Its most worrisome critics were tiny in number - but disconcerting in origins - the well educated, upper middle class children of Modernist parents who choose 'to go back to the land' - the Nearings and GK Chesterton are probably among  the best known.

But the events of late 1945 changed all that : the number of critics of modernist science grew ever steadily among the basic hard physical scientists and among the counter-culture tribe.

Today's powerful - parallel - dual hegemonies

Almost seventy years on, we have two separate but powerful hegemonies inhabiting the same small planet.

Modernity is still dominant among the politically,economically, militarily powerful but weak among those who are intellectually and culturally powerful.

A billionaire doesn't really need a billion dollars a year to feel well off and he knows it.

 He sees a professor living on $80,000 a year and is jealous because that woman is living as well off as him, but in addition has great intellectual prestige -- while he is regarded as just a former gas jokey who got lucky and made $17 billion from his clever new idea in fuel distribution technology.

His friends at the club feel he is smart - but why doesn't the world agree?

He is smart. But his company is also one of America's leading CO2 polluters and so he is both clever in terms of 19th century scientism and yet dumb in terms of 21st century commensalist science.

Global Commensality Science triumphs in peer-review

Global Commensality science is equally frustrated - it knows its basic science is correct but it hasn't yet got a chance to deliver the technology innovations that would show life would be much happier in a post-modernist scientific world.

However, the growing number of the wealthy, well educated ,young who deliberately choose to live in the central sections of big cities and and then deliberately walk everywhere, has to be seen as a leading edge of an upcoming change.

The well connected/globally wired but walkable, densely populated, compact city does seem to point to a new emerging hegemony, as yet unnamed.....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

newest kids on the block: EARTHLINGS

500 years of Skygods
Skygods have been around for 500 years, if not thousands of years, miners of the Earth, its cut 'n' run artists.

But Earthlings are genuinely new - growing gradually in numbers since the end of WWII, with three prominent growth bumps in 1945, 1955 and 1965.

Celebrating the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of 50 years of right wing elite levelling : 1964-2014

 Goldwater Affect

Starting at the 1964 San Francisco Republican National Convention, right wingers world wide have wage an unrelenting almost 50 year long  war to 'level' left wing elites, as they understand them.

Time perhaps, to see what has been achieved..... and at what cost to the right wing itself.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Opinion divides on our troubled "Lifeboat Earth" : Bail It or Bail Out ?

Earthlings say that Lifeboat Earth is sadly afflicted --- by Climate Change above all, but also by all sorts of other rapes against our Earth's biosphere.

 But if we but start right now to change our ways, there is still time to gradually bring our planet back from the point of no return.

Bail it ; bail it for all your worth !

It is the only lifeboat that we know of in the Near Universe (or beyond) that sustains Life, all life, from the biggest human civilization right down to the smallest bacteria.

Brian McNair's world of "Cultural Chaos" : amateur nova scotia whale blowing rainbow out-virals Canada's official slicks

Over half a million sets of eyeballs and still going strong.

Sean Rowley's 22 seconds of amateur video of a Digby Neck , NovaScotia whale gaily blowing a rainbow at a passing boat of tourists was viewed by more people in the world than any of the expensive "slicks" put up by Official Canada on Canada Day 2012.

Canada's right wing prime minister Harper (and the government he runs with an iron fist) is all about total control of the message.

But even Stephen Harper with all the power, prestige and money behind him couldn't control the message that actual people on an actual globe took away about Canada on July 1st, Canada's national holiday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Global media technology pointless - without truly global CONTENT

Brian McNair ( Cultural Chaos : journalism, news and power in a globalised world), Routledge 2006, has a powerful new theory to explain what is happening to traditional media and traditional "sources" in the 21st century ,under the impact of new media technology.

But is new globalizing technology enough, in and of itself, to dramatically change the way we find out about what is new - and from whom ?

News Story of the Century isn't inside their smoke-filled rooms, its "outside", in OUR smoke-filled world ...

If money-losing newspapers were serious about cutting costs and adjusting to new realities, they ditch all of their national legislative bureaus and engage much more seriously in citizen journalism.

Because this is a new century, not the 20th century, one where the non-actions of  most political parties in national legislatures are of less and less interest to the public, as party membership numbers and voter turnout proves.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"CARBON LOADING" : 'Carbon ate my homework' replacing unions as Aussie all-purpose scapegoat

Birth of a MEME Alert: "Carbon Loading".

Truly "Greeds Never Sleeps".

No sooner did Australia announce that it planned to introduce a carbon tax, smart businessmen figured they could have "their bread and eat it too".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MODERNITY's 'change of climate' : modernism's doubters vs true believers

Appearances much to the contrary, I am NOT a defender of the viability of the theory of a sharp change in the physical climate, caused by excess human-originated CO2 in the atmosphere.

Rather, I prefer to see myself as first and foremost an attacker of the viability of the climate of Modernity. Its continued viability is what I choose to doubt.

Three cords and a (broad) band : PUNK journalism

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was an orphan feller from way out in the country ; a yokel with a Gibson J-200, a boom box dreadnought with only three frets ,way up at the cowboy end of the stick.

Real dumb I know (!!!!!!) , but this musically-challenged rustic claimed that was all he needed to be a real big songwriter.

 Just three chords and the truth.

DEANE PRIEST led to Canberra guillotine while pot-banging housewives jeer

Whoa Pony ! Not quite there yet , but there is no doubt Aussie housewives are hot to trot about the soaring prices at the outlets of the Brumby's Bakery chain.

I learned all this from Mike at Watching the Deniers who in turn got it from The West Australian, who first broke the story - kudos to them !

Deane Priest , the MD (boss) of the chain wrote a chatty little newsletter to all of the chain's franchisee telling them to jack up prices in July and just blame it all on the new Carbon Tax.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Enough about Carbon worries" say Aussie papers in co-ordinated move," lets talk about deep SPACEY dreams instead"

Dreams indeed !

What better way to divert the minds of Aussie readers from deep thinking about the best way to reduce fatal excess carbon in our skies (carbon trading versus regulation versus revenue- neutral taxation for example) than some deep spacey dreaming.

Atta boy ! In times of deep trouble, don't worry, be happy : dream
deep spacey dreams.

Forget your bathing suit, come on in : the Acid has never been better.

EPA is not required to reprove the existence of the atom every time it approaches a scientific question

Like most of you, I only know a few famous quotes concerning courts of appeal (life is too short, it is not ?)

There is Mr Dooley's devastating quip that "while the Constitution might follow the Flag , the Supreme Court follows the Election Returns".

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr 's clarion call to start the Holocaust, when in the infamous case of Buck versus Bell, he declared "three generations of imbeciles is enough" as the Supreme Court of America okayed the Science of Negative Eugenics and Hitler applauded.

Now a brand new quote is entering "The Book of Famous Law Quotes" .

Pierre-Simon Laplace & Denier-Determinism rebuked by US Federal Court of Appeals

It seems eternal vigilance is the price we must all pay for freedom from the scourge of Denialism.

Around the clock, around the world, thousands of ordinary citizens are scanning their newspapers, their computer screens and TV sets to catch the latest outrage of denialism and stem it before it spreads.

I didn't catch the recent decision of the US Federal Court of Appeals, in which it ruled that the EPA is not required to re-prove the existence of the atom , every time it approaches a scientific question.

But I subscribe to an email feed from  Watching the Deniers  (and so should you) and Mike there had caught the story.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Supreme Court rules: you have to be stupid to vote Republican, as 400,000 plan move to Canada to 'avoid socialized medicine'

Buzzfeed tracks the stuff going viral on the Net and it reports hundreds of thousands of Facebook "likes" and Twitter tweets on the idea that Republican Americans should head to Canada to "avoid the Democrats ' socialized medicine".

the Wild West of the climate wars: miners versus farmers

Think back to all those western movies of our youth : and envision today's climate deniers as the mining barons back then with today's climate renewers as the farmer settlers.

Farmers husband their soil , 'renewing' it and they expect to have at least a dozen generations of family occupying the family farm.

In a word, they settle - they commit to something and stick with it, fight hard to keep it alive forever.

Today's farm is Earth 1.0 : for the renewers, it is Life's only known foxhole in a hostile universe, and only "if you know a better 'ole , should you go to it" is their attitude to talk of Mars colonies if the Earth bellyflops.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aussies in YELLOW (PERIL) LEVEL moral panic over carbon tax, but BC is okay on its tax

Thanks to a world wide fifth column of denier-watchers, I can keep up with denier activities all over the world.

Mike at WATCHING THE DENIERS is full of vim and vinegar over the deniers there attacking the new carbon tax.

It seems to be that Aussie-land is reliving its WHITE AUSTRALIA moral panic mode, only this time over The-Carbon- Tax-Peril (color undefined).

THINK TANK boards should reveal funding - or go to jail

Its getting hard for a selfish man to find a secret place to put his greedy gains to work ,manipulating public policy for profit.

Face it, more and more nations are forcing political parties to reveal their funding and spending. They are registering lobbyists. They are prosecuting companies for offering or accepting bribes.
Even the banks (!) are getting done  for looking the other way with laundered money.

Thank God then for those people of the forthright and plain spoken advise, the think tank.

who is WATCHING THE 63% of australians who are DENIERS ?

I will keep repeating it until I am not just red in the face, but a whale of a rainbow of colours in the face:
The true measure of the numbers of deniers in our world is not the number of highly vocal, well paid, loonies but rather it is the percentage of ordinary citizens (us) who deny we need real carbon taxes to actually cut global warming.
In the Australia that is home to "WATCHING THE DENIERS" , that percentage is 63%, according to the latest polls  from the Lowy Institute on the Gillard Government's new (& very modest) carbon tax. Green voters ? 38% of them are also opposed to this carbon tax. Weak reeds indeed !!