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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Irish Catholic Republican from Wisconsin plays JOE MCCARTHY to the hilt !

My personal introduction to the FIRST Irish Catholic Republican from Wisconsin who never meet a fact he couldn't twist was in the mid 1950s - after reading a 1954 book about Pogo set in the swamps of Ogopogo and asking my mother about the character Simple J Malarkey.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Progressive" climate change is "oscillatingly impossible" say Deniers & Skeptics

ICE AGE but a 'blip in time'
Deniers and skeptics haven't really really said that the climate never changes and can't change (you've just been trusting journalists again , that's all).

1939 & 2039 : does the first world CATASTROPE hold useful lessons for the second ?

WWII : first global man-made Catastrophe
God it feels so good to be able to use the words catastrophe and science in the same sentence and not get immediately strung up from the nearest tree by a bunch of foaming-at-the-mouth raving atheists.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Are there any limits to human efforts to control Nature ? Blue Sky scientists don't see any...

think tank "boiler room"
But today's Grounded scientist disagrees strongly. Perhaps they are simply tired of seeing this "there are no limits" line pushed endlessly by politicians, think tanks and retired scientists like some old fashioned high pressure "boiler room" scam.

200 yrs old (and I do mean OLD) : today's politics & 1st law of thermodynamics that spawned them

200 years DEAD !
Let us Honor the Dead , before we bury them. Because today's most popular political ideologies (Manchester Liberalism, Benthamite Libertarianism and Owenite Socialism) are all two hundred years old .

Does "Boots on the ground" Exclusivity come at cost of being a lap-dog ?

FRANKLIN-bound !
While I and David Common are both Canadian citizens and journalists, only David will be on the Canadian Coast Guard vessel  Laurier as it searches the high Arctic for the remains of the long lost Franklin expedition.

Journal Atherosclerosis may be more dangerous than atherosclerosis itself - to your science career

If you are a friend of the statin industry, enduring a successfully peer-review in Elsevier's journal Atherosclerosis must be like being beaten by marshmallows : the true peer-review, much more savage, only happens when your article emerges in the real world and in blogs.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lying now almost as common as Not Telling The Truth, U of Western Ontario's new study suggests

Or maybe not. Maybe the study does not suggest that at all ---- maybe it is just all about healthy eggs ------ or maybe it is all about an unhealthy expansion of university PR spin and " Doing Science by Press Conference."

MATTHEW 7:3 to Josh Floyd & Frank L. Lambert : Lighten up !

Science's uncivil War : Part XXXCCCVIII

Not a second goes by, but without some hard scientist bristling at the (mis)use of the term of entropy by someone without a PhD in , and a career, in the hard sciences. The usual depressing "science turf war while the world burns"  poop -- or so it must seem.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Why visiting today's Washington DC could harm evoking its atmosphere of 75 years ago

Seventy five years ago (on the eve of WWII), sleepy Washington DC, particularly during the summer legislative recess, was a small part of the greater Baltimore Maryland metropolitan area.

Todd Akins spear-carrier for fellow FULL MOON REPUBLICAN Ryan on Legitimate Rape

RYAN loves AKINS !
Please don't call Todd Akins a  FULL MOON REPUBLICAN  lunar nut case and then vote for fresh-faced Paul Ryan on Nov 6 : both support the idea of legitimate rape versus illegitimate rape when it comes to abortions ---- their record in Congress proves it.

TEA PARTY + RED BUTTON = BOOM ! amber alert on FULL MOON Republicans

FULL MOON = Armegeddon !
After Nov 6,  Paulie-Ayn Rand, VP choice of the FULL MOON REPUBLICANS , will be only one heartbeat away from having his finger on that all-important RED BUTTON, and that is giving a lot of life-long moderate Republicans serious pause.

Lubbock's FULL MOON Republican forments civil war if TEA PARTY doesn't get finger on the RED BUTTON

Tea Party and Red Button equal Boom !
Foaming at the moon and barking at the mouth (pretty normal stuff for guests on crazy FOX TV),  Lubbock County Texas sheriff  Tom "FULL MOON" Head tried to stir up hopes of a full out civil war if his party, the TEA PARTY, doesn't win the White House and that all important RED BUTTON : ten, nine, eight, seven , six (little girl count your daisies good-bye) , five , four , three...

Tampa fears FULL MOON Republicans more than hurricane

Akins' FULL MOON Republicanism
Forget the hurricane threatening to wreck the GOP convention in Tampa ---- worry more ,America, about whether there will be a FULL MOON up in the sky whenever the Tea Party (hello Todd Akins !) wing takes over the microphone.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1943 : Schindler's list versus America's non-list

wartime HOLOCAUST reports ignored by public
1993 : Fifty years after adult America first learned about the killing of millions of  European Jews - and did nothing about it - a new adult America was ready to turn a film about efforts to save some of those Jews into a massive movie hit.

Allan Schnaiberg's 1980 nightmare : pollution-producing SkyGods vs impacted-upon earthlings

SkyGod Machine in earthling Garden
In the1970s, the Canadian-born sociologist of environmentalism, Allan Schnaiberg , was the first to detect the emerging split in popular Science that this blog (also Canadian-born) is devoted to exploring ; so a man well worth honouring.

Paulie-Ayn Rand : after Nov 6 , libertarian one heartbeat away from nuking the tired , poor, huddled , masses

paul ryan daisy girl ad 2012
Paulie loves poor me, he loves me not 
So one night two Micks, a Mormon And a Moslem walk into a TV studio and the Presidential Debates moderator says  " What the FRACK ever happened to an All-Protestant America !!!???"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The NEW Normal : barges stuck in mud on America's natural highway, the Mississippi

GOP denies this is a DROUGHT !
Caught this on CBC Radio's ever reliable AS IT HAPPENS show: a fascinating interview with a barge company owner lamenting what damage this year's drought has done to barge traffic on America's cheapest, most profitable super-highway : the immense Mississippi- Missouri-Ohio River system.

Geological-change deniers 1920s : "The unchangeability and predictability of the present is key to yesterday's pay cheque and tomorrow's pension"

thomas chamberlin
Wegener ain't stealin' me PENSION !
Would we be having a debate at all,  about whether it is even possible for the climate to ever change, if 1960s science hadn't finally accepted Alfred Wegener's theory that continental positions can and do change ?

On Nov 6 ,vote the SkyGod ticket : Ayn Ryan and Paul Rand

Richard M Salsman , the well known Gauleiter of Greed, has a long article in America's most read business publication, FORBES,  advocating the Gekko mantra that "GREED IS GOD" and welcoming the GOP ticket of Ayn Ryan and Paul Rand for espousing it.

Popular science is the 99.99% of us who DON'T read the journal NATURE

unread by 99.99% !
The world's most important science journal is read by.... almost nobody.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dinosaur Sex: Big Oil & Big Media exchange bodily fluids and deny link drought and climate change

Under-reported last Holocaust too !
K Kaufmann of the Desert Sun and the Green Desert blog picked up on an under-reported report from MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA that itself was about under-reporting.

On Sunday ,climate skeptics worship Sir Charles Lyell : the "Deity of Denial"

Dr Pangloss is really more your average climate denying punter's cuppa, but he is a fictional character. Not that the denier cum skeptic doesn't love a lot of fiction, mind : he just calls it "science".

The high school teachers of WWII's leaders, got THEIR high school education back in the Early Victorian era

MY high school teachers ran WWII !
It is striking how just old the leaders of WWII were: not just politicians, but also the generals, bureaucrats, CEOs, professors and editors. Anyone who was anybody was usually far older than today's leaders is in equivalent positions.

Climate skeptics unmoved by apostasy of Muller and Koch : its all a JEWISH bankster conspiracy

Fate of DENIER apostates
With apologies to First Corinthians 13:4 , 21st century climate denial's optimism is "never battered and never bruised" : a fresh application of "conspiracy" antiseptic neatly covers every gapping would.

The Panglossian NAIVETY of the climate denier cum skeptic

NAIVE denier cum skeptics
The Early-Victorian era may have ended over 150 years ago, but living fossils of its optimism, exuberance and naivety still beat on, inside the hearts of today's climate denier cum "skeptic" .Think of  today's deniers as  perfect clones of Voltaire's Doctor Pangloss (albeit as updated by Sir Charles Lyell).

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tony Abbott would deny his OWN EYESIGHT --- if it made him Prime Minister

Denying will bite, Tony !
On the assumption that Australian Libertarian Party leader Tony Abbott can and does read, today's Australian newspapers couldn't have been pleasant reading. (Cue the inside story.)

Hubris vs Science : tired of denying the Holocaust and Climate Change - why not deny DNA , ego-prone Republican DAs do it all the time

Whenever hard facts hit the swollen egos of non-endowed males, guess what always loses ?

Canadian book publishing as DEAD as Cdn newspapers and record labels : all hail Paula Todd !

Did SHE buy the e-book?
Told you so !  ("I have seen the Future and it is Paula Todd") . Now Paula  has just nailed the final silver stake into the heart of traditional Canadian book publishing.

The only DEAD newspaper is a FEXLESS newspaper : the Halifax Metro ignores Merkel's Halifax visit !

LAMEST daily ever ?
How lame must a daily newspaper be to ignore a well-publicized  major news story in its own backyard ? After all aren't the news-o-saurs always reminding us bloggers that we only comment on the hard news that their fearless reporters dig up ?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"You're an absolute disgrace (A. "Nasty") Abbott", says indie MP in blistering attack video

Tony -arsing about
Watching the Deniers has the link to the story and video and it is priceless !

Reviving "WWII Spirit" will harm, not help Climate Change Abatement -Alex Field

WWII was PLANE expensive
Review: "Impact of WWII on US Productivity Growth". Now Alexander J Field never brought up Climate Change at all in this 2008 article debunking/debating the reputed rise in American productivity thrown off by WWII military spending. But he probably won't disagree with the general drift of our headline.

David Solway's Sha-Sha Poezie : if we don't talk too loud about the global climate holocaust , maybe it won't harm us here in North America

Poetic Screed
Review of GLOBAL WARNING. David Solway, the well known Canadian poet and polemicist, was born in 1941 and was much too young to sha-sha his way past smuggled-in reports of the first Holocaust as so many - too many - adult Jews did in the free world.

Stephen said he'd pull out, Tony stayed in , Kyoto2 had a baby : that's hardly a sin

Greg Hunt "Warmist"?
With apologizes for ruining Bruce Springsteen's wonderful song about Spare Parts with the likes of Stephen Harper and A. "Nasty" Abbott, but there really is some startling and unsettling news for Prime Minister Harper, the world's biggest climate denier.

Big Oil Astroturfer Eric Loughead says people who deny climate change are "stupid"

TarSand or BullShit ?
Extremely well known astroturfer Eric Loughead , co-founder of Calgary's "Friends of Big Oil Science", startled the Canadian Press agency's Jennifer Graham by calling people who DENY climate change "stupid" .

With sterling rhetoric, Sterling T Perkins calls for an END to rhetoric on Climate Change ...

Bombast Central
With friends like Mr Perkins, the case for Climate Change need hardly fear enemies.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When WARMIST Merkel meets SKEPTIC Harper global temp goes up one degree !

Harper's only LIFESKILL
Half remembered high school science (of the outdated Victorian era variety) goes up against a recent PhD in 21st century level Quantum Science, when fellow conservatives Stephen Harper and Angela Merkel meet this week in Ottawa.

When Merkel visits Dalhousie climate change project, Harper gets diplomatic "flu"

Harper sees a WARMIST !
The world media rarely get to see Conservative leaders quarrelling in public and it won't happen when "Angela (Merkel) Meets Stephen (Harper)". Not in public. Nosiree Bob.

The intellectual "Drift" of former mining company geologist Naomi Oreskes

LYELL, prophet of Victorian Optimism
Unlikely indeed is it to expect that the expert on the scientific debates of 100 years ago on geological Continental Drift  will turn up one day,  reborn , as the expert on present day Climate Change debates !

Merkel world's first "Post-Victorian Science" leader ?

Merkel gets it !
Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has a PhD in Quantum Chemistry* and worked as a  quantum researcher, publishing several peer-reviewed articles in that science.This means that she knows almost nothing ----- and accepts that she knows almost nothing ---- about the fundamental nature of Reality.

Merkel "betrays" fellow conservative Harper with visit to Halifax climate change project

Harper ain't Happy !
HALIFAX - Privately, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his fellow Conservatives are said to be livid over Germany Chancellor Merkel's freelance visit to Dalhousie University to see the launch of a climate change study --- but in public it is all "sunshine and smiles".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Clever Germanic Races point way to future (if any) of newspapers : the A4 micro size

A newspaper the size of a magazine !
Don't you just hate jumped-up newspaper chain owners who insist on their newspaper spreads sprawling to 3 feet by 2 feet, to compensate for their "weiners" being, er,  very much smaller than that ?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Newspapers report Global Warming like they did the Holocaust : urge caution, await further confirmation

We didn't report the LAST holocaust either
If you want to be a bystander at a new Holocaust (if you want to be be newspaper editor), there is no need to stretch yourself to penning anything like truly original thoughts.

Murdoch's antics lose billions for investors, as his personal GOODWILL assets worth negative $

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch 
If the Gauleiter of Greed Rupert Murdoch wants to die still deluding himself he was a successful newspaper owner, he better shuffle off this moral coil right some time soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"My Bloody Watermelon" Greens celebrate Lenin's B-day disguised as Earth Day says WATERMELON WATCH

green lennie
Ya can't make lemonade without green Lenins
An Australian politician, who has run for both the House of Representatives and the Senate without making his name public (for reasons of national security),  has discovered that the Greens secretly celebrate Lenin's birthday every year ---- by pretending to be celebrating Earth Day  !!!!

"PETER C GLOVER" to receive NOBEL for 5th law of thermodynamics ?

GLOVER takes the Fifth
Peter C Glover, the well known evangelist, is said to be set to receive the Nobel Prize for Theology for formulating (stepping in for God) the Fifth Law of Thermodynamics : "Thou can not change the Climate, get over it".

White Gold Supremacist RON PAUL fights off Black Carbon, Watermelons : The South Gonna Rise Again !

Like too many of his followers, Ron Paul, the world's leading White Gold Supremacist, has a documented history of "issues" with questions of race.

Invasion of the WATERMELONS helps BLACK carbon overwhelm WHITE gold

Where on earth is the Ku Klux Klan when you really, really need them ?