Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When Merkel visits Dalhousie climate change project, Harper gets diplomatic "flu"

Harper sees a WARMIST !
The world media rarely get to see Conservative leaders quarrelling in public and it won't happen when "Angela (Merkel) Meets Stephen (Harper)". Not in public. Nosiree Bob.

But in private ? In private, Harper is furious that warmist Merkel has chosen to 'dis' his well known hostility to climate change by actually visiting a Dalhousie University climate change project being done with researchers from Germany 's Helmholtz Institute.

Promoting climate change !!! On his own turf !!! A fellow conservative !!!

Stabbed in the back !!!   WARMIST traitor !!!

As Evergreen Nova Scotia says, I bet his nurses had to be instructed to keep him away from sharp knives until Angela was safely beyond Canadian airspace ......

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