Monday, May 7, 2012

con:FUSION of deuterium & tritium : moderated by KOOL-AID of course - which its promoters will later drink ...

   Is there anything one can do to convince GCR to back nuclear fission plants?
   Sure : just threaten to develop nuclear fusion plants, instead.

   Today's nuclear plants -fission nuclear plants- are just extraordinarily expensive ,but low tech, kettles to boil water.
   Fusion plants will use even more expensive means to boil water - technology so high tech we haven't even invented it yet and probably never will.
   And the expense ?
   Don't get us started !
   Besides of which we already have a near-perpetual, safe, cheap (free) source of endless amounts of fusion energy.
   We call it the SUN.
    It is safe fusion energy because it is 93 million miles from us.
    It is cheap because the SUN does up fusion right - it does it in a power plant a million miles in diameter, not in the tiny little human sized boxes con:fusion promoters plan to use.
   The money the world of Know-Nothing political leaders and Say-Anything physicists has been throwing at fusion power for the last 70 years would have given us high efficiency/cheap photocell panels from Pole to Pole.
   But the mantra of the Limit-Deniers is ,as always : "Anything the SUN of GOD can do, we can do better...."

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