Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SVE is a proud member of the "99% NEWS MEDIA NETWORK"

     It is well known that The One Percent (the 1%) control our biggest media (through private ownership or by controlling public corporations) and those media, in the crunch, only give you the One Percent's spin on the news of the day.
    Or, more often, those big media don't publish (or greatly downplay) the news that the One Percent don't want you to hear.
     The One Percent are those people whose combined family income is about $400,000 a year or more.

     But not all is lost, for today there are alternative sources for news and reasoned opinion : the Blogosphere , home to the news media run by the remaining 99% of humanity.
     People like me : my combined family income is about $20,000 annually, about 1/20th of what the wealthiest 1% enjoy.
    But the 1%'s blogs are no prettier, no more professional looking, no better read, than my own.
    Big Media run from the biggest metropolitan centres in the biggest countries in the world dominate the world of News and Opinion.
    As a result they fill us with the sort of information that big city elites (One Percenter people like Jessie Helms,Richard Viguerie,Tom Ellis, James Lucier and John Carbaugh) want us to believe about Climate Change and Public Medicine, for example.
     Jessie Helms' One Percent Tea Party elite control the big city media - it is time for us little people, living in the smaller cities and towns, to take some space back....

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