Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forget the 1% versus the 99% : try the .2ppm versus the rest of us !

   Interstate 495 (I 495) is much better known as "THE BELTWAY", as in 'opinion inside the Beltway'. That is because I495's 64 miles of asphalt is solely devoted to encircling Washington DC and its inner suburbs.
  What goes on inside that tiny 'bubble of hot air' has a far greater effect on the cultural - and thus political/social/economical and biological - life of the globe than all the rest of the world combined.
  Opinion makers (opinion-takers?) from all around our planet take their cues from what is said or not said/ done or not done inside that tiny blessed circle.

   Or is that Washington DC's "Blesse' Circle" ?
    3300 squares miles of self importance : versus 200,000,000 square miles left for the rest of us.
   So ".2 parts per million" rules the rest of the mix.
   You may have heard of the "RESISTING THE GREEN DRAGON", an evangelical front organization actually partially
funded by Big Oil and orchestrated by those " Beelzebubs of the Beltway" --- the lobbyists.
   It is yet another example of the astroturfing efforts of the Reality-Deniers.
   Some people say that cars goes around and around that Beltway.
   Untrue: what actually goes around and around is the money-changers of the 21st century.
   The Beltway is really a 'money loop' turning semi-clean money into very dirty money.
  In the case of the Reality-Deniers, that money is running through cutouts and front men to secret numbered bank accounts in offshore havens, with impressive-sounding organizations existing physically only as separate box office numbers, together with agents and their handlers and fellow travellers riding along side.
  On and on and on ---- including all the rest of the Cold War spy world --- as revealed in endless government commission reports and lurid 'fictional' novels.
   Michael Crichton had his own lurid novel about a shadowy spy world of green environmentalists ---- isn't past due time, that others rip this astroturfing story from the headlines and do up some novels of these Reality-Deniers and their Liars-For-Hire...

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