Thursday, May 17, 2012

Never invest in a stock that actuaries and accountants are bailing from....

     If seems a safe rule: if the number-crunchers and bean-counters don't like a project why should little old un-informed you invest your hard-earned pesos into it ?
   A current stock those geeks with calculators and glasses and briefcases (briefcases - in the 21st century !) are jumping ship and swimming away from as fast as they can is the Heartless Heartland Institute and atmospheric carbon pollution denial.
   Insurance company dudes mostly - the same guys that pay the giga-dollar bill bills when coastal mega-cities are flooded out in bigger-than-normal storms.
   They don't like the math.
   Neither does "Global Commensality NEWS" .

    Now I realize - their abject protestations to the contrary , that business people do not really rely on math but rather on faith,optimism, hubris (in equal parts) to seal the deal on any project.
    But that is in the CEO's manic phase.
    When she or he is in their depressive state, they do listen to accountants and angry shareholders with class action suits.
   European insurance CEOs have been to the black night of the soul on climate change disasters and fled the scene.
  Finally, thankfully, North American insurance is beginning to do the same...

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